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Repair or Replace your water heaterIf you're contemplating a replacement of your current water heater and want to evaluate your options, you might want to look into tankless water heaters. Considered more energy efficient, the tankless water heater provides hot water as needed and doesn't store it in a tank which needs to consume electricity or fuel to stay at a certain temperature. Tankless water heaters are installed near the spigot or shower head so water heats as it passes through. There are a number of manufacturers who have developed these over the years, and they are finally becoming popular in the US. Call our McKinney water heater technicians today for more information.

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Rheem Water Heaters

Take Rheem, for instance. They've been in business since 1920 and are known throughout North America as a premier manufacturer of Rheem Water Heaterstraditional water heaters. Since the United States had never had a water crisis until recently, Rheem's sales of tankless water heaters were made mainly overseas. Now that local homeowners are paying more attention to conservation issues, their tankless water heater line has been improved on and expanded for sales here in North America.

Bosch Water Heaters

Another lesser known manufacturer of tankless water heaters is Bosch. The tool giant founded in 19th Century Germany has been manufacturing water heaters for decades now here in the United States. Their reach from this family of bosch water heaterscontinent extends to fifty countries and their name is well respected across the board. Most folks who have used their tools have no doubt about the quality of their tankless water heaters.

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