Garbage Disposal Repair in Mckinney

professional garbage disposal repair in MckinneyContact our garbage disposal repair team in Mckinney The professionals at our McKinney plumbing team have been installing and repairing garbage disposals for as long as we've been in business. We've replaced or repaired thousands of disposals and learned the ins and outs of every brand on the market.

Our techs can diagnose most garbage disposal issues over the phone.

You Might Need A Garbage Disposal Repair If It's Not Working Properly

technician fixing a common garbage disposal issueCommon garbage disposal issues include clogged machines, a humming sound, seal leaks, poor performance and burned out motors. When our McKinney plumber shows up at your door, he'll quickly assess the situation by asking you about the problem. We test to locate the cause of the problem and give you a clear understanding of what happened.


Clogged units often are the result of the drain line being blocked by larger pieces of debris that have caught at the junction of the garbage disposal drain line and the main sink drain line. These things include starchy items like vegetable peels, especially potato and cucumber, and hard to chop items like meats and cheeses.


If your unit is making a humming sound it usually means that there is something preventing the blades from spinning. The garbage disposal motor's safety has disengaged to prevent the motor from burning out and this results in making the humming sound. This sound usually means a large piece of food has gotten caught behind the blade and needs to be cleared.

Dull Blades

Sometimes blades get dull and result in the garbage disposal not working efficiently. This happens during normal wear and tear but also if items like fruit stones and silverware find their way into the disposal. When this happens, our McKinney plumbing team suggests either changing out the blades or purchasing a new unit.


Garbage disposal leaks are usually found at the seal at the exit line of the unit. These seals can crack after years of use but are easy to replace. If the leak is at the top f the unit the solution isn't as easy. The top seal is usually built into the body of the disposal and it is usually more cost effective to buy a new unit than to fix a broken top seal.

Motor Burn Out

Of course, there are times when the entire unit fails. Motors do burn out from time to time and, because they are the main part of the unit, they need to be replaced. If this is the case, our McKinney plumbers can have a new disposal installed in a few hours.